The communication system between your brain and your gut is called the gut-brain axis.1 If you’ve ever felt the sensation of butterflies in your stomach, lost your appetite when under stress, or made a decision based on a “gut feeling,” you’ve experienced the strength of the connection between your brain and your gut.

IBS can be caused by miscommunication

Your brain and gut are interconnected via a complex network of nerves and chemical signals. And while they are in constant, two-way communication—that communication can sometimes break down. If you have IBS, it may mean that your brain and your gut aren’t “talking” to one another the way they should. This can result in your brain sending signals to your gut that cause uncomfortable symptoms, including pain.2

How does this happen? Some people have overly sensitive nerves in their gut that fire in response to normal signals, like digesting a meal or moving gas through the intestines. Although barely noticeable for most people, normal sensations like these can cause severe pain for patients with IBS.3

Did you know?

Over-the-counter and prescription medicines reduce symptoms in fewer than 50% of IBS patients.1 That’s why many people living with IBS are looking for more from their current treatment plan. What if you could treat your IBS pain on your own terms?

For nearly four decades, gut-directed hypnotherapy has helped patients find relief from IBS.2 The problem is, few therapists are trained in gut-directed hypnotherapy and therefore patients don’t have access to treatment.3 Now Regulora® puts gut-directed hypnotherapy into the palm of your hand.4

Regulora is the first and only app cleared by the FDA in the U.S. for abdominal pain caused by IBS in adults, and Health Canada has authorized Launchit DTx to provide Regulora in Canada.

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What's the true impact of IBS?

In one study, most people said they would give up

10-15 YEARS

of their lives for an instant
cure for IBS.5

Did you know that IBS...

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Accounts for nearly 3.5 million doctor visits in the US per year?6

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Is common in adults, affecting 10%-15% of people?7

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Affects women 2x more than men?6


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Regulora® is a digital therapeutic intended to provide behavioral therapy through gut-directed hypnotherapy for adults who have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Regulora is indicated as a 3-month treatment for patients with abdominal pain due to IBS and is intended to be used together with other IBS treatments. Regulora is intended for patients who speak and read English. Regulora may not be appropriate for patients with mental or physical impairment that would prevent interacting with a mobile video application. Regulora may not be appropriate for patients with evidence of intestinal illness that better explains IBS symptoms such as celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease. Regulora should not be used in lieu of your current IBS medication or therapy. In a clinical trial of Regulora, side effects were low. About 1% of patients experienced abdominal pain, constipation, fatigue, or headache which was thought to be related to using Regulora.


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